Rent and Go, quality ski rental

Rent and Go Falcade is part of the Rent and Go group, the main reference point in Italy for quality ski rental.

Founded in 1996 by Erwin Stricker, Kurt Ladstätter and Gerhard Königsrainer, the Rent and Go Group is a reality that has radically changed the world of winter sports equipment rental, turning it into a service of the highest level suitable for all skiers.

The investments carried out by the group in the quality and safety management have resulted in impressive numbers. Today Rent and Go has 70 shops, positioned in the most popular areas of Italy.

Why are we the best?

Rent and Go cares about the quality of equipment, always ensuring new skis and well prepared

The majority of Rent and Go shops is one step away from the slopes, Rent and Go Falcade no exception

Rent and Go ski rentals are ideal for families with children who need a quick service and a wide selection of equipment

Rent and Go services


Rent in Rose

We have the best ski equipment for the fairer sex, to be comfortable and glamorous also on track


Renty World

The Renty reindeer awaits your little ones inside the store, along with the best ski equipment for them.


Top ski service

We take care of the equipment with advanced machinery and renew ski park every year to always make sure the latest models



It is important to wear material always as new. All our stores are equipped with machinery to ensure that boots and helmets perfect get sanitized after each rental.



The first in Italy to propose a mandatory helmet under 14 years it was us! Back protectors, helmets, goggles and other protection are always available in our rentals



Your equipment deserves a comfortable and safe place to rest at night. Many of our rental points have a storage service

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You can see the quality!

Discover all the services of Rent and Go on the official website, where you'll be able to rent online in the over 70 group of shops, the best Italian ski resort.
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